if you are lazy you will struggle if  you are easily irritated or you get  thrown off by strong smells or sight of blood or  whatever feces and if you’re someone who struggles  with taking instruction like how can she talk to  me like that or who is she does she normally do  you know who i am that’s really does not fly  here you feel insecure or you struggle with  these things really you you you’re gonna have a  problem you’re gonna have a series of problemshello everybody and welcome  back to the channel my name is  if you’re new here or you’re just joining us  for the first time you’re more than welcome  please consider subscribing and remember to click  on that bell notification icon that way you get  notified every time i upload a new content which  is at least once every week here on this channel i  share content relating to my life here in the uk i  also talk about my job centered around healthcare  if you are interested in this kind of content  please consider subscribing i also have a telegram  group where i have formed a small community of  people who are looking to join the healthcare team  and are looking to come into the uk it’s  a great way to network and interact with  people who are going through the same things  as you are going to and just support and  encourage yourself through your journey today’s  video is about some of the things that i feel  if you do not possess you might struggle with  this job and it’s just important to say really  all right so number one thing for you to know  if you are made for this health care route is  if you are lazy you will struggle this job  is not for someone who can’t be stressed if  you are a lazy person or you struggle to keep  up with energy or momentum you will definitely  struggle this job keeps you on your feet keeps  you as a lot it could be working with elderly  people working with children you could be  working with mental health residents or patients  and you need to be hard working you  need to be on your feet you need to be  at alert really this job will keep you on your  feet so that is one thing if you are a lazy person  you will struggle really you will struggle point  number two if you are easily irritated you will  struggle especially if you work in healthcare  where you have to provide personal care  if you are easily irritated or you get  thrown off by strong smells or sight of  blood or whatever feces or you know secretion you  will struggle if this job will it will shake you  in that aspect because you will be exposed to  these things and really there’s hardly any aspect  of care that you will not encounter one of all all  of these things so it is something to prepare your  mind with if you are easily irritated or smells  affect you or the sight of flashing images or gory  things like vomit blood poop urine things  like this you may not be able to avoid  so if these things throw you off you  might want to consider another career path  point number three if you lack patience you see  so in one of my interviews one of the questions  i was asked was what do you think is a strong  quality to have if you want to become ahca  and i said patience and before i could even get  the words out of my mouth the interviewer was like  why is everybody saying patience today patience  is like number one criteria you need because  you will be tested not just your stamina  and your agility and all that emotionally  you will be tested um to the point where you  might want to lash out you will be tested  um not consciously because from experience  now i can say that most of these residents  or most of the things that happen are not  intentionally done to irritate or throw you off  i really honestly believe that most of them  are as a result of the illness or the disease  that they might be going through and some of them  might get you to the point where you want to lash  out or you feel like you need to excuse yourself  from the room yes so you need a lot of restraint  you need a lot of patience a lot of self-control  really if you are to thrive in this job next point  if you can’t take orders or can’t take correction  or you struggle with taking instruction you see  sometimes or most of the time in my experience  the nurses are the ones who delegate the  tasks for the shifts all right so when you get to  work after or during handover you are allocated to  where you’re going to work or if you work with  agencies you already know where you’re going  and the person giving you instruction might be  younger than you in age or might be younger than  you in experience based on where you’re coming  from maybe you are already in the healthcare line  or you probably have some years of experience and  you’re just breaking into the uk healthcare system  if you are someone who is naturally  arrogant you will struggle because um  getting instructions for some people um it seems  to them as you know they have been um undermined  or some you know some people just can’t take  instructions some people struggle with following  orders some people struggle with um following the  set plans like for each care home there is a way  they do things from interacting with agency  staff who have come to work in my care home  i noticed that there is a trend or there’s a way  that certain things are done in certain homes so  not every routine or every task is  done the same way in individual places  so if there is a structure on ground already and  you are instructed to do a certain task a certain  way and you feel like you can achieve this thing  better going a different route you might land  yourself in some trouble because there’s a certain  way that they do things and if you’re someone who  struggles with taking instruction like how can she  talk to me like that or who is she does she know  many do you know who i am that really does not fly  here so you just have to take instructions and be  a good team player because you work best when you  are in a team this work you cannot do it alone  you see this next point um if you come to the uk  alone especially for those who come with dependent  or you come with children um i’ve gotten this  question more times than i can count can i come  to the uk as a single mother my husband is not  ready to come with us or i have two children  within the age of 10 to 2 how can i survive  without a partner from experience it will be quite  challenging to come to the uk without another  adult if you are to make maximum profit because  even if you come to the uk and you choose to get  a child reminder or get a babysitter or just get a  nursery or a daycare to give your children for  the number of hours that you will be working  you will need to pay minimum wage at least minimum  wage to whoever is minding your child for those  for that period of time so if you are to work  for 12 hours and pay someone minimum wage for  maybe six hours out of those 12 hours or maybe for  the duration of those 12 hours please calculate  how much you take home at the end of the day  so in order for you to make maximum profit  you will definitely need ever your partner or your  mother-in-law or your own mother you know someone  you’re used to someone that can take care of your  children so you need another adult if you are to  make maximum profits really because it will be  a shame or a waste if you have children that you  have to keep in the care of a child mother or a  babysitter and you have to pay this person per  hour because in this country that is really how  things work if you are to get a child minded you  have to pay them minimum wage and it’s like you’re  working and the number of hours you are earning  you are also paying someone by the hour to watch  your children so it’s it might be challenging  really but that’s i don’t know people in the same  community come together to support each other  i’ve heard of these things i also benefit from  them because i have been able not to fly away  from me who we watch each other’s children from  time to time but if you are planning to come  here alone and you do not know or have anybody  or don’t know any nigerian community you need  someone to watch your children if you are  to come here with your children next point  if you are someone who is emotionally  weak or unstable or you have  undulating emotions if you are not emotionally  strong you will struggle because i’ve said this  in a number of my videos this job is emotionally  draining you will come home or even during your  shift because it’s for a very long time 12 hours  is half a day and it is a very long time you might  have an easy shift on some days you might  have a very difficult shift on some other days  so um having a good support system is something  that has really helped me because as soon as i  walk through my door i mean i don’t want to talk  about work don’t ask me how my day was i just want  to leave everything i’ve done and talk with the  children before they go to school i just want to  forget everything that i’ve done in the past two  hours and just face the house because it is very  emotionally draining and you need a very strong  support system to be able to cope with that so  if you are someone who struggles emotionally or  you are easily affected by what you hear or how  you’re spoken to or um you know change of events  really because it might not just be one thing it  might be a series of things that have not added  up to something that not hits you or struck you  and you’re like you mean no you know it might be  challenging if you struggle emotionally so yes  you need a very strong support system you need  to grow emotional muscles in a manner speaking  yes if you have to thrive in this in  this profession yes so the next point  is somewhat like the last one if you are someone  who has inferiority complex or you feel insecure  or you struggle with these things really you you  you’re gonna have a problem you’re gonna have  a series of problems because um especially for  the part of the country where i’m in i stay in  darlington and the number of africans that we see  here are not as much i remember my first day here  in darlington my husband made the same remark i  was thinking in my head it was telling me how many  black people have you seen or how many africans  have you seen since we’ve stepped out of the house  and i’m like really i have struggled to count one  and that was when we moved in i mean in january so  i mean hearing some things that i said to you  it might not be an attack on your person really  because sometimes when i hear some arguments and  i ask the person if if it’s from an african and  ask a person what was said to you and when  i hear what was said i’m like is that all  to me it doesn’t make a difference but to someone  who might take it personally it might come up to  you as an attack on your person because you are  a certain race i don’t know but if you tend to  see the racism in things you might just find  this in every single thing whether or not it was  intended that way but you might need to just you  know deal with insecurity and inferiority complex  i do not believe that someone is better than me  just because of their skin so i don’t look for  all of that so i do not see racism at all i hardly  i’ve had experiences of racism don’t get me wrong  that would be fun at that video but i’m just  saying that if you struggle with insecurities you  might pick up on some things that are really not  there even when it’s just a normal conversation so  um you might need to deal with that before  you decide to go ahead with this job search  the last and final point is a healthy tip  that i feel like will benefit all of us i  want to see all of us myself included because  i’m struggling to catch up this last point is  if you do not take supplements or eat fruits  regularly you are going to have a problem  if you have someone like me who wants to do the  night shift you would need a lot of vitamins  especially vitamin c and vitamin d the reason  is because the vitamin d is necessary because  you are going to be in bed or be asleep when the  sun is up so you’re not really going to be getting  that sun and you really need all of these things  so you need to take supplements and boost your  immunity as much as possible remember that you’re  also working with your patients and they need you  need to protect yourself and they need also you  also need to protect the people that you’re caring  for so taking your supplements drinking lots  of fluids water especially um it will help you  a great deal these are a few things that i  feel like will help you um boost your chances  when it comes to your preparations for this  job if you struggle with any of these points  um it’s all right i mean we all learn every day  and some of these things i’ve had to deal with at  some point but it is durable that is all i can say  it is durable you can unlearn some of these things  even if it is something that you’re currently  struggling with all right so that is our time  here for today’s video if you found this video  helpful please share it give it a huge thumbs up  let me know what you think in the comment  section and i will see you in the next

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