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Job vacancies in 2022 a quarter less than in 2021


Job vacancies in 2022, a quarter less than in 2021

 According to the data provided by “Vieții liberal” by the Galati County Agency for Employment (AJOFM), during 2022 both the number of vacancies registered by the agency and the number of employees through the employment program decreased significantly.

 Thus, if in 2021, the total number of registered vacancies was 7,396, in 2022 there were only 5,262, ie 71 percent of those existing in the previous year. Regarding the employment of the unemployed through the services provided by AJOFM, their number was last year, 4,457, about 80 percent of the number of 5,582 employment that took place in 2021.

It should be noted that the vacancies included in this statistic

are unique, not repetitive, being counted when they entered the AJOFM offer. Also, the figures for 2022 do not include December, a month in which employers are usually more concerned with holidays and end-of-year bonuses (those who can want, and offer) than new hires.

Among the various facilities provided by AJOFM for the employment of the unemployed were: benefits for employment before the expiration of unemployment (364 people), activation bonuses for the employment of at least three months of unemployed workers (145 people), subsidization of jobs for unemployed over 45 and sole supporters of single-parent families (389 people), subsidies for employers of the long-term unemployed (two people) and NEET youth (31 people), granting employment bonuses for long-term jobs more than 15 km from the place of residence (61 people) or more than 50 km away (two people), relocation bonuses (eight people), subsidies for employers of graduates (six people), employment of people with disabilities (10 people) people) etc.

On January 25, 2022, the number of vacancies registered by AJOFM Galați was 160. Most of them, 60 in number, were offered for customer service agents, and another ten places were for unskilled road workers. A relatively more substantial offer was in the field of HoReCa, with seven seats available for cooks, waiters, and maids. None of the 160 places declared vacant required higher education, most of which were for those with secondary or vocational education.

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