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Job left due to Omicron variant / JOBS the green pass and vaccines

 JOBS ,the green pass and vaccines

The Omicron variant 

Today 189,109 new cases and 231 deaths were reported ( here the bulletin): hospitals are starting to show signs of distress, due to increasing hospitalizations due to the virus, over 12 is fully vaccinated and 401,532 children have already received at least one dose (10.8%; data updated at 07:06 today) . The vaccination obligation for over 50: here all the latest news on the subject

Green light for the third dose between 12 and 15 years

The  5 January 2022,  the Ministry of Health, expressed its favorable opinion on the possibility of providing for a booster dose of vaccine also for subjects between the ages of 12 and 15 years. 

The Salernitana will not show up tomorrow afternoon at the Arechi stadium for the match against Venezia.

Towards the support decree in mid-January

A decree for new economic support for activities in crisis due to Covid should arrive in about ten days, around mid-January. I is which people learned from administration cradles. The measure would have been discussed in the control room, agreeing on the need to make a careful assessment of which activities need an intervention.Udinese Calcio announces that, following the positive Covid-19 found in the team group, the Friuli Centrale University Health Authority has arranged for the players, without prejudice to the mandatory fiduciary isolation for the subjects positive, quarantine or self-surveillance from 5 to 9 January 2022 based on the respective vaccinations. A ban on contact team sports was therefore ordered from 5 to 9 January.   Calabria first region in the country

The president of the Calabria region, Roberto Occhiuto, claims the results achieved in the vaccination campaign: “Calabria started late on vaccinations, continued slowly, struggled in the hottest months of the pandemic », But« in the first four days of the year we administered 68,646 

doses, 21.23% more than the 56,625 set as a goal. Behind us all the other Regions


335,000 new infections The new infections in France in the last 24 hours represent an absolute record, 335,000: this was announced by the Minister of Health, Olivier Veran.  There were 246 deaths related to covid19 in the last 24 hours.

Over 50s must present the 2G certification (vaccinated or cured) at work, vaccination obligation for those who do not work.  These are the communications sent to the Regions by the government after the meeting of the control room on anti-Covid19 measures. At 5.30 pm the meeting of the Council of Ministers is scheduled.

The alarm from the Association of Hospital Surgeons: “Decimated rooms, waiting lists are getting longer: it’s hallucinating”

Marco Scatizzi, president of the Italian Hospital Surgeons Association (Acoi), is alarmed by the consequences of the increase in hospitalizations on hospital activity “. According new wave on the health system by increasing the pressure on hospitals without intervening on new restrictions”.

Swedish health authorities recommend expanding the use of the vaccination pass

Restaurants, cultural centers, museums, gyms, swimming pools: these are some of the activities that, according to a non-binding recommendation from the Swedish health authorities, should start asking customers for the vaccination pass starting next week. Currently, businesses in Sweden may decide to introduce a vaccination pass as an entry requirement, but it is not mandatory. 

The influence of Covid Omicron on  350 journeys from 10 January

Too many Capitreno and drivers absent due to the virus: from 10 January Trend will be forced .During the day, the service will be reduced by 12%, in addition, the services between 11.30 pm and 5 am will be canceled on all lines. Trend currently records about 180 absences due to positive Covid Omicron or quarantine, in addition to another 150 not directly related to the pandemic. 

In the Netherlands 24 thousand new cases Omicron

There are more than 24 thousand new cases of coronavirus registered in the Netherlands in the last 24 hours: a record of infections since the beginning of the pandemic.

The virus has also reached Alicudi: the island is no longer Covid-free

A tourist tested positive for the swab: Alicudi, the least inhabited island of the Aeolian archipelago, is no longer Covid Free. The man was transferred to Messina, where he was hospitalized at the polyclinic, the people who were in contact with him have already been subjected to the swab. Meanwhile, the number of infections throughout the archipelago rises: «There are 130 positive people, 180 those in fiduciary isolation. And I believe that the figure is destined to increase ”, declared the mayor of Lipari Marco Giorgianni. Stromboli and Filicudi, to date, are the last islands of the Aeolian Islands to be Covid Omicron free.

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