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 What does a job interview look like? What are you going to discuss? Should you ask for a salary? What questions are they not allowed to ask you?

In this continuous work… Tinder that we live in, when candidates are looking for the next job opportunity and employers are looking for their next employee, there is a time, such a moment when everything is judged. It’s the moment when at last the two sides will get to know each other and start thinking (both employers and you) job interview as it should be  

First of all, let’s tell you the good news. The fact that you are invited for an interview means that you have done something well! You aimed properly at a company and a job opening that suits you, and your CV stood out among many others. So half the distance, you have traveled! Let’s go for the other half.

Phone? Video? Video call? Or up close?

Recruiters who believe that your profile and resume match what they are looking for today, have more than one way to get to know you better. job interview as it should be 

Phone: Their first contact with you is likely to be by phone. So the best thing to do is to pick up your phone. Or if you’re not available at that time, return the call as soon as you can.

Video: The video is liked as a means of first acquaintance in some companies. So they ask you to take a small video presenting yourself and send it. It’s like doing an Instagram video story, or a TikTok, but only your prospective employer will see it.

Video call: Keep in mind that they may also arrange a video-call for you, e.g. with Skype, Google Meet, etc. Advise (i.e. great advice): Test before calling that your computer’s camera, microphone and internet are working properly (good-bad connection to an ethernet cable, don’t make us mad at WiFi). Then get ready, dress well (as if you are going to meet them in person) and sit in a place of the house that has good lighting. He also cleaned and gathered the “shot” from behind, and put the cat in the other room.

Tear up the time of the interview.

In whichever way you are invited to get to know each other, we have gathered for you the most timeless and unstopt tips to show your best self.

Be the most… professional Sherlock Holmes, who goes to say, researched in depth what the company is,what culture it has, and what she writes on her site, on her social media, in her recent Press Releases. This will show them that you do care and will fill you with confidence.

“One of the most important deal breakers in an interview is that the candidate has no knowledge of the organization to which he/she is addressed and does not know basic data concerning his/her activity and turn

Check out the job opening and job description again. Make a comparison with your CV on your own to see what your strengths are, what your weaknesses are, what opportunities you have and what may threaten your position in the company.

Make “style me up” from the day before. Find the ones you want to wear in time, that is, think about your bitterness if you want to wear a shirt that you like and are still unwashed.

Arrange your time to be there 10-15 minutes earlier. It is better to arrive a little earlier and wait outside until the time of your date comes, than later and enter with your soul in your mouth.

Take with you two well-groomed copies of your CV in a nice gelatin, a clean block and a pen to keep any notes. job interview as it should be 

Make Satan your friend (who is in the details). That is, make sure that the forelock is straight, the nightgowns clean, the smile starred, the clothes ironed, the breath is clean (without chewing gum), etc. You don’t want the first impression you give to be like you came back from a demonstration.

Corona-tip: because this year things are strange, in face-to-face meetings, wear your mask, keep necessary distances, and apply the… new age greeting (i.e. without the handshake).

Take out the Christos Zambounis that you hide inside you: good manners, “thank you” and the right posture are always winner tactics.

A! also turn off your mobile phone before the interview begins.

“Tell us a little about yourself.

It may seem awkward to you if they ask you to talk a little bit about you, but you’ll be fine. Just have three things on your mind:

Start by saying what your current situation is (e.g. I am a graduate of such and such a school, and I have been dedicating lately to finding my next professional step).

Go now to your achievements starting from the most recent one (e.g. I was in such and such a team, where we implemented such and such a project).

Tell them how you think your skills, hobbies and knowledge match with what the company is looking for (e.g. I know you’re looking for a junior graphic designer for the clothing industry, I’ve always liked fashion and I’m following trends).

The people who interview you are likely to stand on one of them and start the conversation more actively. Go with the flow. job interview as it should be 

Fine, and now what else do they usually ask?

It depends on the subject and the industry (*if you belong to the tech industry, go to Github:it has concentrated questions that employers usually ask in your industry),but usually recruiters ask:

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