17 selections of characteristics of people who can work! The more decent people are, the more different their attitudes and attitudes toward work are. - Hoopers War

17 selections of characteristics of people who can work! The more decent people are, the more different their attitudes and attitudes toward work are.

 17 selections of characteristics of people who can work! The more decent people are, the more different their attitudes and attitudes toward work are.

“Common items” that you need to know in order to become a person who can work

When there are people who are depended on by everyone in the workplace and are producing results, they can be depressed by comparison. What are the characteristics of such a “person who can work” and what should be done to become a person who can work? In fact, “people who can work” have a lot in common, and it is a shortcut to imitate them. I will introduce the features, ways of thinking, lifestyles, etc. that I want to incorporate immediately.

What kind of person is “a person who can work”?

Even if you say that you can work, it depends on your position and expected performance, such as whether you are a young employee or a manager, but in general, you can say that you are a person who can be evaluated by others. The evaluation criteria are not limited to the results of work, but “whether or not you can trust” is important, including communication and behavior, attitudes and attitudes toward work, and personality.

17 characteristics of people who can work

As characteristics of people who can work, I will explain 17 common characteristics such as work style and skills, impressions seen from the surroundings.

1. 1. Make decisions quickly and accurately

People who can work are determined and quick to make decisions. Speed ​​of judgment is very important in the field of business. Being able to make quick decisions also means being able to better understand the situation and prioritize things. For example, especially when flexible judgment is required for unexpected troubles, it is necessary to have a judgment axis and a “type” of thinking to make a judgment, and to make a calm and accurate judgment. First of all, let’s be aware of what is the criterion when making a decision and in what order.

2. Have the ability to create work on your own

In the coming era of great change, it will make a big difference whether or not you have the ability to think for yourself, take the initiative in collecting information, and create jobs. It can be said that it is the power to discover issues by looking at the situation without waiting for instructions. Those who want to have a habit of acting with speed in mind, without wondering whether to do it or putting it off. If you take the first move early, you’ll be able to recover quickly if things change, and you’ll be aware of the resources you need. Get in the habit of looking at what you need to do to reach your team’s goals.

3. 3. Fast response

One of the characteristics of people who can work is that they respond quickly to emails and requests. Especially when you don’t understand each other’s situation due to telework etc., the requesting party becomes anxious as time goes by, “I wonder if they are watching or not.” With more opportunities to use tools such as chat, expectations for faster response are also rising. Also, the faster the response, the faster the response from the other party will come back, so you can avoid missing opportunities. Most of the returned contents do not change even after a while. Don’t put off what you can reply to immediately, but try to respond on the spot.

Four. Can act systematically

The more people who can work, the more they can calculate back from the final goal to determine the required tasks, and set a deadline for each task. Also, the more people who can do it, the more work is concentrated, so it tends to be multitasking, but since the priority of each work is clear, it is possible to understand in what order and from what to start, the whole thing will proceed smoothly. There is also the advantage that you can work with peace of mind if you have a clear view of what you should do now, rather than blindly trying to do it. For example, when creating today’s TODO list, determine where to spend time based on the progress and priorities of each project on a monthly or weekly basis, and then put it into what you are doing today.

Five. Can manage risk

Risk management is an essential task for managers and leaders. It’s best to avoid risks, but you should always be aware of what risks you have so that you can deal calmly in the event of an unforeseen situation. I don’t want to be too sensitive and get stuck, but if I understand the whole business and make it work on the premise that “mistakes will occur”, people around me should be able to consult and report with confidence.

6. High concentration and good use of time

The more people who can work, the more time is regarded as a finite resource, and we concentrate on working to maximize performance. There are restrictions on work. Every job has a deadline, and just because it’s a high-priority job doesn’t mean you can spend as much time as you like. In addition, if long overtime hours become the norm, there is a risk that people will be seen as “people who are not good at using their time.” For small tasks such as replying to e-mails, make effective use of travel time and gap time between meetings, and by proceeding with work while being aware of the deadline for each task and where to spend time, “people who properly meet the deadline from inside and outside the company” The trust will increase.

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