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Job Seeker Preparation Crawl Matters Direct Printing of Human Resources: Most Basic Conditions


At the time of job hunting, the appearance of the interview Noh exhibition personality and personality, preparations for the job seeker . One person, a person who enjoys the rules, has recently been interviewed, and has a direct statement, “Job seekers, good luck,” and a debate on a friend of mine.


One person Amitomo resident Amirou essay “Dcard” posted on the job seeker’s story, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship Work at home, and withdrawal from the company. Under the background of the company, the job hunting was completed. After overturning the original PO, the direct call “Reject :

A netizen posted the content of the conversation with the job applicant, and believed that understanding the applicant company is the most basic condition. Picture taken from Dcard

Some netizens think that this example is not outrageous. “Honesty is great”, “This sister is too honest too”, “It feels quite common”, “After all, you just vote for the job content, and do it before the interview. It’s not too late to get to know the company.” “Others who answer the questions well are bluffing anyway.” Some netizens said frankly that it depends on the nature of the job to decide whether to understand the company’s background in advance. “, “If there is a company with a big exam, it may really have to be prepared in advance”, “I will only look at the job vacancy description before I have an interview, and then I will get to know the company.”


However, some netizens felt that the job applicant’s answer was dumbfounded, “Isn’t it a low energy?”, “At least at the moment of being asked, you can understand it before you come back”, “Dumbfounded, even if I really didn’t do it.” Homework, I will check it out quickly before replying”, “Is it difficult to figure it out by myself? I didn’t even do my homework.”



Do you know “what job seekers want”? Recruiting talents through 2 tricks to vote for their own interests, grab the talents and win directly at the starting point!

Recruitment is a battle of “grabbing talents.” If you want to win at the starting point, you can only help you to do what you like, and set the conditions that make the applicants heartwarming, and easily complete the task of recruiting talents!


Text/104 Manpower Bank


The “carrots” that every job seeker desires are different. Some people are pursuing a job with a sense of accomplishment, some are pursuing salary growth, and some are focusing on future career development, and the value of the job they pursue may be different at different ages.


Through more than 1,600 questionnaires, we have compiled the “2021 Employee C.E.O. Work Value Perception” survey report to help you understand the factors that job applicants care about, and grasp the key needs to improve recruitment efficiency. Come and learn about job applicants’ ideas!

1. The importance of job seekers to the “job value” ranking

The highest expectation is still “salary and benefits”, followed by “job security” and “industry development”, and hope to have a good and convenient working environment, smooth interpersonal interaction at work, and a balance with life .


TOP 10 ranking of job seekers’ importance of “work value”

1. Salary conditions meet expectations

2. The bonus system is fair and reasonable

3. Good welfare system

4. Work is guaranteed

5. Have a clear management system

6. Good working environment

7. Good industry prospects

8. Convenient transportation location

9. Good communication and interaction between colleagues

10. Have a good balance between work and personal life

Source: “2021 Employee C.E.O. Work Value Perception Survey Report”

Job-seekers of different ages have different rankings of the importance of the value of the job. Fresh people in the society rank the “work environment” first, and the ranking of “salary and benefits” is later. As the seniority increases, the importance of the “salary and benefits” The important order is forward, and the job is guaranteed.

2. Key points to be concerned about when applying for a job

In addition to the “salary conditions” as the primary factor, job seekers also care about “work stability”, “interpersonal interaction” and other items. It is also worth noting that “growth value” is also what job seekers care about. Therefore, how to maintain work enthusiasm, grow in work and combine with interest is another perspective for companies to think about in seeking, cultivating and retaining talent.


Project proportion

Salary conditions meet expectations 60.5%

Good welfare system 39.9%

Job security 33.3%

Convenient transportation location to work 33.0%

The bonus system is fair and reasonable 31.6%

Good interaction between colleagues 28.0%

Good working environment 22.7%

Opportunity to learn new skills 21.9%

Have a clear management system 21.8%

Good industry prospects 21.0%

There is a good balance between work and personal life 16.3%

Work content can be combined with interests 15.8%

Source: “2021 Employee C.E.O. Work Value Perception Survey Report”

From an industry perspective, recruiting job seekers of different job categories can highlight their focus to attract talents. For example, when recruiting job seekers for catering, tourism, beauty and hairdressing, you can emphasize a good internal working atmosphere; when recruiting job seekers for software engineering research and development, you can emphasize the company’s need for job skills, emphasis and training direction; recruit blue-grey-collar other professional categories When you are job seekers, you can understand how job seekers commute, and pay more attention to the company’s welfare system, so that job seekers can feel the protection provided by the company.

3. Reasons for switching jobs

The survey revealed the top 3 reasons for switching jobs: low salary, dislike of the supervisor’s leadership style, and interpersonal problems among colleagues.


Reasons to switch jobs 2020 2021

Salary is too low 35.4% 37.6%

Dislike the leadership style of the supervisor 26.2% 18.8%

Interpersonal relationship between colleagues 23.5% 16.5%

The company’s organizational culture, philosophy, and values are incompatible with itself 20.3% 15.7%

Poor company system 19.6% 22.6%

No chance of promotion 19.1% 13.2%

Company welfare is not good 17.7% 20.2%

Want to seek new challenges 13.8% 9.9%

Overtime does not provide corresponding salary or compensatory time off 10.3% 9.8%

Source: “2021 Employee C.E.O. Work Value Perception Survey Report”

With the change of seniority, the reasons for paying attention to the detailed items are different, but the factor of salary still accounts for more than 50%.

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